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Live chat


Benefits of the service

  • There is no limit to the amount of service.

  • There are no hidden costs.

  • Fast response time, customers do not wait.

Results of American research

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Our company provides operators for your project. You should choose the IT solution.

Recommended free chat application provider:

Call center

We consider it important that the client handling the case reaches the manager as soon as possible and that the matter is handled quickly and conveniently. That's why we take high availability and pick up the phone within 35 seconds of 90% of incoming calls. It is important for us that our clients work with a reliable, well-trained team, and we pay attention to selection and continuous training. The commitment of our colleagues in Miskolc is of a high standard. Together with our client, we develop simple and convenient processes to the greatest pleasure of our calling customers.

Outbound campaign management

With our outgoing calls, we look for existing or new clients of the client with topics that are of interest to them. This way, we do not live up to our harassment appeal. For this, the so-called. We carry out a "customer journey" analysis together with the customer, as a result of which we always look for the customer with the topic of interest.

CRM consulting


We can clearly see that our projects and collaborations become successful if we also provide consulting. We develop a CRM concept for the client, make proposals for the transformation of business processes, and perform analyzes so that the campaigns and tasks are designed effectively.

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